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The Ionix Store has all the graphic arts, wood finishing, auto refinishing, plastics cleanup and product finishing Ionix Static Eliminators and Ionix Gas Technologies products for easy ordering at your convenience 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We can provide expedites shipping. In comments request the expedited method you desire, be sure to include a telephone number we can contact you and we will attempt to provide you with expedited shipping if possible.

You can always call us toll free in North America at 800-246-1784 and speak to a live customer service representative from 9AM to 4PM EST.

If you do not know the Ionix Static Eliminator model or part number, go to

For product information for Ionix Gas Products, go to

We now have a store exclusively set up for our Gas Products. Please go to

If you are replacing an Ionix Static Eliminator, the Ionix model number is written in red ink on the bottom right corner of the Ionix product label. Once you have the Ionix model number you can proceed to the Ionix Store and place your order.

If you are reordering Ionix Gas products, you can proceed to the Ionix Gas Store -

IMPORTANT CREDIT CARD INFORMATION! Due to increased credit card fraud it has become necessary to require accurate information of the credit card you use for purchases. Before ordering make sure you have the correct billing address for the credit card you use or most probably the transaction will be declined.

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